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Retrofitting Benefits | The Ver-Sus Group

Retrofitting Benefits


Demolition is reputed to be the most accident and litigation laden construction task due to the use of sledgehammers and dangerous saws. Power saws also distribute fine metal stud dust into the air and ducts. Further, the loud noise restricts most demolition to after close of business hours. Alternatively, Green Zip allows simple disassembly Рa relatively quiet, clean and safe process any time of the day. Construction retrofitting schedules can be reduced substantially resulting in less disruption to the adjacent occupant. Also, demountable drywall partitions will allow access to internal parts of the building to assist in HVAC and electrical repairs or mold mitigation.

A case study conducted for British petroleum by Turner Construction, an international construction services company known for embracing emerging technologies, identified a potential savings of $110.16 per linear foot every time a drywall partition is demounted and relocated. The study identified material reuse savings, reduced labor, landfill diversion and reuse of materials accessory to the wall, such as electrical outlets and switches, millwork, doors / frames / hardware and glazing material.