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Green-Zip | The Ver-Sus Group

Patented Technology


Green Zip® is a patented demountable and reusable drywall partition technology. For taxpaying investors and owners of commercial buildings or residential rental property seeking to reduce near-term tax liabilities and increase cash flow while contributing to a more sustainable environment, Green Zip® offers significant financial and environmental benefits.  It is a game changer for investors in commercial buildings and residential rental properties.

Created by W. Frank Little, a former Gensler & Associates architect, as a viable “green” alternative to discarding used gypsum wall partitions in landfills, Green Zip® technology also has emerged as an effective way to increase cash flow by reducing near-term tax liabilities.  Drywall partitions installed with Green Zip technology can be easily demounted and reused.  As a result, demountable drywall partitions installed on non-load bearing walls may be classified as tangible personal property.  The shorter-life classification results in accelerated depreciation and increased cash flow through a reduction in near-term liabilities.

A requirement for shorter life asset classification, Mr. Little invented a carbon-fiber joint tape with precise horizontal and vertical threads that control the amount of joint compound applied in the mudding process. The unique characteristics of Green Zip Tape™ make possible the demounting process. In a 2008 video audit conducted by the IRS, Green Zip Tape™ was the only joint tape among more than 20 brands that performed to IRS specifications. Thus, Mr. Little has created the only demountable and reusable drywall partition technology that can be classified as tangible personal property for depreciation purposes.

Green Zip® has been awarded four United States patents on the process for installing demountable drywall partitions. The patent abstract states in part: A demountable and remountable wall assembly for partitioning room space between an overhead and a floor, the major elements of which are reusable. Green Zip Tape™ is the only joint tape authorized for use with the patented process and the only tape that qualifies demountable drywall partitions for the IRS shorter-life depreciation classification.

Green Zip Tape™ is the only self-adhesive tape licensed for use with the zip tape process protected by US Patents #7197853, #7451577B2, #8191331 and #8286401. Other patents pending.